Title Corrosion of surface facilities of an industrial concern in the niger delta area of Nigeria splased
Journal International journal of Engineering And Applied Science
Publisher Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
Issue 1
ISSN 1119-8109
Pages 57-60
Subject Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Date of Publication 2007

AUTHOR(S) C. N. Anyakwo


A study of uniform corrosion of carbon steel pipeline by produced water that splashed continuously on it is presented. The predominantly uniform attack was essentially the conventional corrosion mechanism that was accelerated by chloride-assisted CO2 corrosion additive. The high and contents of the produced water were additional corrosion drivers. The paint was rapidly destroyed by the ions of the produced water, thus exposing the metal predominantly to uniform corrosion. Attempts to wire-brush the corroded steel, preparatory to repainting them led to leakages. The corrosion incidence was remedied by the abatement of discharge of the produced water from the line and replacement of the lines that developed sporadic leaks at different intervals and different points. Insulation of the facilities from contact with the produced water could also suffice to stop the attack. The importance of ensuring that produced water does not splash or come into contact with the external surface of any facility during drainage, is underscored.

Keywords: Produced water; Corrosion; Surface facilities; Industrial concern

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