Title Computational approaches to control of industrial processes
Journal International journal of Engineering And Applied Science
Publisher Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
Issue 1
ISSN 1119-8109
Pages 75-83
Subject Industrial and Production Engineering
Date of Publication 2008

AUTHOR(S) C.C.Ihueze


This paper presents a numerical approach to assessment of process capability and product quality standards. The samples of this study were drawn from IBETO process for battery production. The statistical sampling method, the average range method and the single range method were used to establish the mean of distribution, the average standard deviation of samples and the average range of samples to establish the process limits. Process control was achieved using classical relations and analogies to establish process capability and Process capability index. The population mean was evaluated to be 3.4 years and the average standard deviation of the process as 0.75 years while the process capability was estimated to be 4.5 years. Also the action limits were found to be 4.4 years and 2.4 years for the mean. The upper and lower specification limits were evaluated as 5.53years and 1.27years while the process capability index was estimated as 1.2. The coefficient of variation was found to be 21%, indicating low variability. The IBETO process for battery production therefore produces within specification. Hence this paper has presented procedures for assessment and control of quality of manufactured products.

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