Title Performance analysis of a kerosene-powered dryer
Journal International journal of Engineering And Applied Science
Publisher Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
Issue 1
ISSN 1119-8109
Pages 54 - 64
Subject Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering
Date of Publication 2014

AUTHOR(S) Oriaku E.C, Agulanna C.N, Adizue.U.L, Onwukwe. M.C


In Nigeria the pressing need to harness the increasing output of agricultural products and to help small, medium and large scale farmers’ process and preserve food products such as vegetables, cereals, tubers etc from wastage is paramount. Consequently, the performance analysis of a kero-dryer was carried out. The dryer was evaluated in terms of drying efficiency, drying rate and the time taken to dry the samples. The samples of 3kg each of Okra, Irish Potato, Pepper, Plantain and Yam locally sourced for were used in the experiment and data collected. Results showed that the initial moisture contents of Okra, Potato, Pepper, Plantain and Yam which were 92.35% (wb), 81.70%(wb), 91.40%(wb), 65.10%(wb) and 62.80%(wb) were reduced to 11.08% (wb), 17.43 %(wb), 17.96%(wb), 11.94%(wb) and 14.65%(wb) respectively at a temperature of 90oC and total time of 10hrs. The average drying rates were 0.26kg/hr (Okra), 0.21kg/hr (potato), 0.23kg/hr (pepper), 0.25kg/hr (plantain) and 0.23kg/hr (yam) Compared with other types of dryers (solar, platform, flat-bed, continuous etc) the kero-dryer is preferred because of its multi-products drying ability and can be used even in rainy season and does not require electricity. It can be used directly in the farm during harvesting period in order to reduce the weights of agro produce for easy transportation and bagging purposes. Also, its smokeless nature gives a superior mark compared to the fuel-wood batch dryer. The average efficiency of the dryer is 76.46%. These results show that the kero-dryer can perform drying of these agricultural products satisfactorily.

Keywords: – kero-dryer, moisture content, drying rate, drying efficiency, resident time

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