Journal International journal of Engineering And Applied Science
Publisher Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
Issue 1
ISSN 1119-8109
Date of Publication December 2022

S/N Topics Authors
1 Rheology of coal-water fuel from Enugu coal D.O. Onwu, F.C. Inyiama, P.C.N. Ejikeme
2 Inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid by the leaf juice of chanca piedra (Phyll C. N. Anyakwo
3 An interpretation of total intensity aeromagnetic maps of part of southeastern Sokoto basin A.Z. Labbo, F.X.O. Ugodulunwa
4 Determination of limit of stability of chemical systems J. T. Nwabanne, A.A Susu
5 Effect of porosity on the shrinkage behaviour of Ukpor and Nsu clays C. I. Nwoye
6 Biogas generation: a viable cleaner alternative energy source in south-eastern region of Nigeria C.H. Achebe, S.C. Nwigbo, E.C. Chinwuko, M.O. Odhomi
7 Development of counter-current gas-liquid packed tower absorption apparatus: a pilot-plant-scale-pro G. C. Oguejiofor, O. Otuu, F. I. Ukoha, E. Igbinekweka
8 Modeling of creep in raffia plant fibre reinforced plastics C.C. Ihueze
9 The design concept and operating principle of a voltage sensitive switching circuit (vssc) F.O. Enemuoh, C.O. Ohaneme, B.I. Onyedika
10 Corrosion of surface facilities of an industrial concern in the niger delta area of Nigeria splased C. N. Anyakwo
11 Application of GIS technique to the interpretation of the aeromagnetic map and landsat imagery of Bu F.X.O. Ugodulunwa, H.M. Yakubu
12 Analysis and design of Nvene potable water supply scheme O.E. Ekenta
13 Gaseous-state desulphurization of Agbaja iron ore concentrate C.I Nwoye
14 Optimum insulation models for one dimensional steady state heating C.C. Ihueze
15 The effects of modification of the structure of iron and silicon on the mechanical properties of Al E.E. Nnuka, U.J.E. Agbo, S.I. Okeke
16 Biogas production from blends of powdered rice husk with some agro-industrial wastes E.O.U. Uzodinma, A.U. Ofoefule, J.I. Eze, N.D. Onwuka
17 Extraction of gold from Calabar gold dust S.O. Obiorah, J.U. Odo, S.I. Okeke
18 Evaluation of the effects of degumming on the quality and stability of physically refined palm oil S.O. Egbuna, N.A.G. Aneke, T. O. Chime

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