Journal International journal of Engineering And Applied Science
Publisher Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
Issue 1
ISSN 1119-8109
Date of Publication December 2022

S/N Topics Authors
1 Radiation and other environmental hazards of mining: focus on F.X.O. Ugodulunwa, R.O. Ukpong, A. Ongbatabo, B.N. Onazi
2 Geology and magnetic character of the Basement Complex rocks in F.X.O. Ugodulunwa, I.S. Agada, Y.O. Musa
3 Mathematical model for evaluating internal volume shrinkage of fired clays C.I. Nwoye
4 Alternative solution of delta–function potential by green functions and renormalization E.I. Ugwu
5 Teletraffic approach to design and planning of GSM network employing the hierarchical cell structure A.C.O. Azubogu, V.E. Idigo
6 Model for computational analysis of dissolved haematite and heat absorbed by oxalic acid solution du C. I. Nwoye
7 A technique of performance prediction of capacitor motors based on cross field concept A.W. Nwosu
8 Development of analytical chart for design of granular mono media (sand) deep-bed water treatment fi E.O. Ekenta
9 Dispersion properties of alkali produced from empty fruit bunches of three different species of oil O. E. Onyelucheya, K. O. Okpala, E. E. Effiong
10 Application of modified langelier saturation index model to pipeline corrosion J. I. Achebo
11 Treatment of wastewater from vegetable oil industry using modified laterite adsorbent V. I. Ugonabo, O.D. Onukwuli, P.K. Igbokwe
12 A functional 1.5 kva electricity power generation using solar photovoltaic system A.O.C. Nwokoye, L. Ezenwaka
13 Function and importance of automatic voltage regulator (AVR) with a constant output voltage A.O.C. Nwokoye, S.O. Ezeonu, A.N. Amah
14 Computational approach for optimum compressive strengths of glass fibre reinforced polyester composi C.C.Ihueze, A.N.Enetanya
15 Computational approaches to control of industrial processes C.C.Ihueze
16 A comparative analysis of civil engineering codes of practice, cp110 and bs8110 on distribution of l A.I. Nwajuaku, S.N. Umenwaliri, B.N. Ezeonwu
17 Investigation into the dynamic slenderness of reinforced concrete multi-cell box culverts for traffi P.D. Onodagu, C.A. Chidolue, C.H. Aginam
18 The effects of steel yield strength on the structural costs of stanchions C.A. Chidolue, H.C. Aginam, P.D. Onodagu
19 Structural failures from high temperature effect and remedial measures in the Nigerian environment. V.M. Nwokike
20 The effect of filler content and size on the mechanical properties of unsaturated polyester/coconut C.U. Atuanya, S. Nwigbo
21 Effect of melting temperature on the energy absorbance of Pb-Sb-Cu alloy at fracture resulting from C.I . Nwoye, S.I. Okeke
22 Phosphorus removal through adsorption on locally prepared adsorbents K.A. Babayemi
23 Models for transient stability study of inter connected power system A. E. Anazia and J.C. Onuegbu
24 The challenge of african rice gall midge to rice production in the omasi rice ecosystem anambra stat I.C.E. Umeghalu and D.O. Amaefule

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