Journal International journal of Engineering And Applied Science
Publisher Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
Issue 1
ISSN 1119-8109
Date of Publication December 2022

S/N Topics Authors
1 Chemical fractionation and plant uptake of heavy metals in chromated copper arsenate (cca) contamina F.E. Okieimen, D.U. Okuonghae, G.O. Tsetimi
2 Empirical modelling of the vapour-phase dehydrogenation of ethanol using heterogeneous modified clay P.K. Igbokwe, F.L. Olebunne, R.O. Okolomike
3 Equilibrium and kinetic modelling of adsorption of methyl orange dye on palmyra palm nut J.T. Nwabanne, V. N. Asomugha, N. Onyemelukwe
4 Maintenance techniques for infrastructural development O.A. Ezechukwu
5 Model for predicting the concentration of phosphorus removed during leaching of iron oxide ore in ox C. I. Nwoye, P. C. Agu, C. N. Mbah
6 Modelling of sand drying process in a sheet/hallow glass plant F.N. Uzondu, E.C. Osoka
7 The calorific value and compressive strength properties of composite briquettes from agro waste J.O. Osarenmwinda, O.I. Ihenyen
8 Effect of aromatic additives on the physiochemical properties of petroleum distillates T. O. Chime, B. C. Udeh, S. O. Egbuna
9 The effect of process variables on the physico-chemical properties and oil yield of rubber seed J.T. Nwabanne, M.H. Omoniyi
10 Investigation of processing parameters and properties of date palm fiber for the production of quali A.N. Anyakora, O.K. Abubakre, H.O. Chibudike, O.A. Adeyoju
11 Development of a compression test rig for evaluation of mechanical properties related to design for C. C. Ihueze, O. O. Otuu , E. C. Oriaku, A. I. Gbasouzor, E.C. Okafor
12 Effect of silane treatment on the impact strength properties of oil palm (EFB) fiber- reinforced po A. N. Anyakora, O. K. Abubakre, E. Mudiare, M. A. T. Suleiman
13 Cooling rates of mild steel welds during gmaw process made at different positions J. I. Achebo
14 The study of ferroresonance effects in electric power equipment O. A. Ezechukwu, J.O. Ikelionwu
15 Comparative analysis of seepage through dam using different analytical and numerical methods E.E. Arinze, J.C. Agunwamba

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